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Horses have always been a part of my life...

I have been around horses all my life and trained my first one for 4-H when I was 10 years old. I enjoy teaching:

  • Horseback riding, bareback and under saddle,
  • how to improve your equestrian skills and
  • working with individual horse/rider/driver teams to improve their overall relationship.

It is my goal to help horse enthusiasts, new & old, improve both their horseback riding and/or driving skills and their horsemanship skills. My clinics and lessons incorporate the bio-mechanics of the equine-rider motion relationship, physical balance and equine psychology. I use a free-flowing teaching technique to better tailor your lessons to your specific needs and that of your equine partner.

Horseback riding lessons should be fun AND educational...

I teach beginner, intermediate and advanced riding skills. I teach both Western riding and English riding styles. My teaching techniques are interdisciplinary, weaving a more balanced riding experience with a better perspective of the horses point of view, to create a stronger bond between humans and their equine partners. I can help you relate better than you ever imagined to your horse.

Improve the clarity of your "conversation" with your horse...

I specialize in trouble shooting equine psychological and performance related problems. I can work with you to help your horse overcome fears, attitude issues and behavioral problems that may stem from mental, physical or nutritional components.

I offer workshops, retreats, lessons, clinics and phone consultations. 

Reservations and pricing information may be made by contacting us at your convenience.


Reservations & Availability


No workshop, retreat or clinic dates are valid and in good standing until deposit is received and has cleared the bank. Please note that clinic fees do not include barn, boarding, arena usage and/or any "host" fees that may be incurred while attending a clinic. ALL such fees are the responsibility of the individual clinic participants and clinic organizers should include or disclose such fees in the overall cost of the clinic when advertising it to potential attendees.


Varying sessions are available year-round. Requests are on a first come, first serve basis and accessibility can vary.


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