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Craniosacral Bodywork

I did some bodywork on a 10 year old border collie last spring and received this email a couple days later:


"Hi Tanya,


I thought you would be happy to know that Lacy has been trotting around with her tail up in the air this evening. We cannot remember the last time we saw her tail up like that, she has been carrying it really low for quite a while. I think the work you did on her today has been very effective, she is a much happier and more comfortable dog thanks to you!!!


Thanks so much!



p.s. I brought her inside to rest so she doesn't over do it :-)"


An Equine Partnership Redefined


I have a green 9 year old Arab Gelding, that was a rescue horse. He spent years roaming free in the pasture enjoying himself. I played with him on the ground and stayed there for years in our comfort zone. I knew I needed to get help if I ever wanted to ride him. The trainer had to be a person that could tune in to the sensitive learning style of Arabs. Although I wanted help, I also wanted to do the bulk of my horses' training myself. After observing Tanya in training with a young horse, I was confident that she could help me with my horse.  After one summer of lessons/training, about once a week, I was amazed at the changes in my gelding and his willingness to please. What I like about her teaching is, that she emphasizes educating the rider along with the horse. She customizes her program to you & your horses needs, to build the confidence needed. The progress my horse made happened in a timely matter, meaning giving the horse the time he needed to confidently carry out a task. I can't wait to work with Tanya in the next year to build on that dream partnership with my horse. Feel free to contact me for a reference.

E. West

Tel: (406) 375-9243


Thank You


We have hired Tanya to work with our horses on a number of occasions, from working a colt we were uncomfortable getting on, to teaching me how to gain the confidence needed to be alpha to my horse.

I am continually amazed at Tanya's capability to read the horse, the ease of getting the horse to want to do what she's asking, and her ability to bring it all together by teaching me the techniques needed.

I definitely see the results when I'm comfortable doing it on my own, long after our lesson is over!

-- Nancy Pollman


Five Stars!


My name is Nan Jorgensen and I live with my husband in Corvallis, Montana.

In the five years my husband and I have lived here in the valley Tanya has become our "go-to" person for helping with any kind of horse issue, lessons, fabulous house sitter, and a virtual encyclopedia of information regarding horses, health problems and you name it! I have known a lot of instructors for a long time and there are just a few that can communicate as well as she can. Especially with children...and that includes adult children! You know, the ones that have lost all confidence when it comes to horses. She has this marvelous, uncanny and wonderful natural insight into a horses mind, body and whatever their personal issues might be and then able to sort out what needs to be done. I suppose one of the most important facts you need to know about her is how fair and honest she is. She won't lie or steer you in the wrong direction. She is never late or misses an appointment and if she is your house sitter you will never worry about your home, animals or whatever you have her or her husband do for you. By the way, they very often work as a team which is very cool and between the two have a lot of experience behind them. I give them a five star rating*****!


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